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    Automatically Searching Web App Based on Geo Location City


      I am wondering if the following can be done.


      1) Using a geolocation script to determine a surfer's city (I know this part can be done easy)

      2) Feeding that city into a BC web app

      3) Finding "near by" matches or maybe a proximity search based on that city.

      4) Doing it all on the fly, as when a user first hits a page, the city is found and the BC web app is searched.


      On this site:



      a) it finds your city

      b) it shows "featured tutors" at the bottom, all of which I assume are within a radius of where you are:



      Can this be done with BC?


      If "featured tutors" can't be spit out in that thumbnail/summary format, maybe instead a map view might work?


      Something like this going across the page instead:



      Any thoughts or exprience with something like this would be appreciated.


      Most importantly we want this to work as a landing page, so after the city is found we need a way to feed it into the BC web app and show results either in the 6 thumbnail summary view or working with maps and showing them as points on the map.



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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hey there

          1. You can detect IP and get location from that information but this 90% of the time will pull the Data centre location, and in those cases most of the time they are in the same city but sometimes they are not.

          You can use the modern browser location information which is more accurate but its a request the browser makes to the user which they have to accept.


          2. To submit a web app item you have to be logged in, so when someone viisted the thing you are doing you would have to auto login a default login with ajax and submit the web app item in the same manner. I think though going on 3 you mean to search...


          3. So if you was to find the web app items in a list to match that location you would want a web app search and auto populate it and ajax post that and using the results ajax that into the page.



          So yes, but you will need good javascript coding to achieve this and acknowledge the above in 1.

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            davesnowden Level 1



            Thanks for the info! Gives us a great place to start.