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    I Didn't Know That!

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      We were talking about Steve Caplin in another thread earlier, which prompted me to go check out his site, and I found a couple of gems.


      For a start off, the new features in CC Select Color Range, had somehow passed me by.  Am I the only one who missed this?  You can now use the drop down at the top of the panel, and change Sampled Colours to tonal ranges, which is PD handy.

      Colour Range.jpg

      Steve demonstrates a way to use it in this video



      I have often pointed out that you can still use selection tools when in quick mask, but I thought it clever the way Steve softens the edge of part of a selection leaving the rest fully hard.  Obvious when you think about it, but it gave me a jolt.



      And check out the other videos at the top of the page.  It's not all startling new stuff, but he has a nice way of coming at things.


      While on his site I see he bougth out a new book on Photoshop 3D last year, which had also passed me by.  I'll get the book just to complete the set, sort of thing, but whether it will be able to unravel Photoshop 3D for my tired old brain...  

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          John_Picton Level 3

          Trevor - because of your previous post about Steve's site I have just spent an enjoyable hour or so going through it. He appears to be extremely generous with his time and the videos are excellent!


          Thanks so much for mentioning it (BTW I noticed your message on the forum there as well.)