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    GREP help needed!

    Steve Straus

      I use very simple GREPs that I have gleaned from various sources but don’t have the brainpower to actually write them (maybe someday I will take the time to learn).

      I need a simple GREP to change the paragraph style of a group of paragraphs between two different type codes that an editor has placed in the ms. They mark the first time an element occurs but nothing is marked until the next code is needed. For example:

      {NL} 1. This is sample text
      {NLAL} a. Alpha example
      b. Alpha example
      c. Alpha example
      d. Alpha example
      {NL}2. This is sample text

      I need to style all four entries after {NLAL}  and before {NL} as paragraph style NLAL. I can find/change easily where they have marked the text with a code slug, but cannot automatically style the next entries. I need to search between the code {NLAL} and the next {NL}.

      Your help is greatly appreciated!