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    Need Help Achieving this Effect (picture)

    perfectblue Level 1

      The effect I am trying to achieve is fairly basic. I am trying to recreate this curvy line. As shown here.



      I tried doing this with a few different methods that didn't work out as I had hoped. I tried 1) using a horizontal line and then transform - >distort. It didn't seem to work out very well. I also tried 2) using the eliptical marque selection to draw circle, stroke, and delete a portion of it.


      Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          My first thought is to draw a Path with the Pen Tool, then stroke it with the Brush Tool.  There doesn't seem to be a way to have Photoshop automatically add a stroke to an open path.


          You CAN stroke a closed path (shape) so the loop at the end is relatively easy - use the Ellipse Tool, and give the shape a stroke using the features in the Option Bar.



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            Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you have PS CC you can draw the line with the pen tool, using the shape setting, and just have the stroke applied.  Then draw the circle with the shape tool.

            path line and circle.jpg

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              The curve in the example looks like a perfect arc, so you could drage out a circle holding down the Shift key - stroke it - select and delete the bits you don't want.


              I did with shape layers, but it is a bit fiddly removing the unwanted part of the arc doing it that way. You have to select the circle with the Selection tool, then add points with the pen tool in just the right place.  Then add sacrificial points that you can delete (with the delete key) which breaks the circle.