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    Automatically apply a different space para after STYLE for last bullet point in a list

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      In the past I have had two bullet point styles and used hard returns, para breaks, between bullet points. They all get the same Bullet para style except the last bullet point which gets a seperate style which has more space after it.


      Is there a way I could use GREP styles to identify the last bullet (match: bullet, any text, paragraph-break, any char except for a bulllet (maybe?)) and give it a style with extra Space After value? I seems like GREP styles inside a Paragraph Style will only apply Character Styles (which makes sense it could get a bit meta with Para styles using GREP to apply new para styles.


      So I guess I'm looking for some other way to skin this cat? Any ideas?


      Perhaps Find and Replace to locate the last bullet point in a paragraph-break delimited list of bullet points and then apply the different style to it? In which case any help with the GREP pattern appriciated but I'll go away now and have a go — it can't be that hard…