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    Avid Symphony generated .aaf imports into Premier pro




      I'm new to Premeir Pro but have been trying to imort a .aff file genereated in Avid Symphony. I exported the sequence from MC using 'link to media', having transcoded it to DNxHD 120 and renmoving audio FX.

      I then inported this into Premier Pro and everything worked perfectly, except that 'one legged,' centre panned audio will not playback in the Premier Pro sequence timeleine, even though the segments are showing up, albeit in a mid red or dark green colour. The mono audio has been imported into the project and I can select and play it back in the source window.

      All video and stereo audio has been imported and works perfectly on the timeline.

      Perhaps my playback settings are incorrect?? . .  Any suggestions will be welcome.



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          tonkatim Level 1

          Hi all. I seem to have answered my own question . . . Because the source audio clips were multichannel, it seems I had to select the channel I wanted to use, by right clicking on each segement or by lassooing sveral and right clicking, then select option 'audio channels. A window appears, with a column for 'Source Audio'. Click it and select the track you want from the drop down.
          I hope this may help someone else.

          So, it seems that .aaf files from Avid can be imported into Premeir Pro with no problems, provided you are using 'link to media' rather than embedding it. This helps my work flow as I subsequently take the video layers into After Effects and composite in there.


          I'm using an iMac i7, running Mavericks and Adobe Cloud applications.


          Hope this helps someone.