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    Two-way data binding.

    ctzn99 Level 1
      I'm hoping there is a simple solution.

      I've got a textInput box and the text property is bound to a node in an xml var. This works great of course what i want now is for the the node in the xml var to also be bound to the textInput's text property.

      Here's an overview of what i'm trying to do:
      1) MXML application loads.
      2) WebService initializes and retrieves some xml data.
      3) All form elements are populated with the data from the xml through binding.
      (up to this point it's nice and succint and straight forward).
      4) User makes change to form elements and conversely the bound xml data is updated.
      5) User clicks a "save" button and the now modified xml data is sent back to the server.

      Step 4 is where the problem lies. If I was just using standard form elements i could just add a change event to each one but i'm also using a datagrid in some places so trying to get the changed grid data to correspond to the right xml elements has been a pain.