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    Eyedropper not picking correctly from other UI palettes

    SteveKer Level 1

      I have a weird problem with AE CS6.  If I apply a Ramp effect, set one of the colours to a dusty red, for example, the use the other colour's eyedropper to sample from the newly red swatch in the effects window, the second colour does not match.  It is fairly close, but visibly greyer and checking the RGB values bears this out.  If I change my Mac's display profile in System Prefs, the exact shift in colour also changes.  If I use an sRGB display profile, the problem goes away.


      But I have calibrated my NEC monitor and an sRGB profile is nowhere near accurate, I want to use a custom profile that my calibration tool produces.


      Changing project working space and displa


      Also, the same problem does not exist in AE CS5.5 - changing the profile has no effect on the AE eyedropper.