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    Edge Animate - Sending To Then Getting Response From Server (XML)




      I’m very new to Edge animate, and I’m trying to send some things to a server, which would send a response back. XML.

      I’m trying:



          type: "POST",

          datatype: "xml",

          url: "http://www.pandorabots.com/pandora/talk-xml",

          data: {botid: 'cb1f78b4fe36bf6d', input: 'test'},

          success: function(xml) {


                        //var tts = jQuery(this).find('that').text();

                        sym.$("xmlOutput").html('Pandorabot success.');    

             // });


          error: function() {

              sym.$("xmlOutput").html('Pandorabot error.');




      But can’t seem to get it working.

      The logs indicate that it does send, but I don’t receive an answer.

      What am I doing wrong, and where should I start?


      Thanks for any help, or links.