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    How can I convert 75 Illustrator pages into InDesign?

    Andrew Nelson 3D Level 1

      I'm working on a rulebook for a boardgame.  Each page has vector art and text blocks intermixed to explain the rule mechanics.  It now exists as 75 individual Illustrator files that need to be combined into a single PDF document. 


      Obstacle 1:  Illustrator doesn't have enough space for 75 artboards


      Obstacle 2:  Using copy-paste to put each into InDesign doesn't work:  Each line of text becomes an individual text block (and therefore uneditable).


      Obstacle 3:  Using the Place function loads each page as a uneditable picture.  I'd have to open each individual page in Illustrator to make a change.


      Background:  The rulebook was created in a ten-year-old version of Macromedia Freehand, which will not work on my new iMac.  Converting it to illustrator resulted in 75 individual .ai files



      Is there a way to allow more space in Illustrator to hold more artboards?  Can two exported .pdf files be merged together (so the rulebook could be done with two or more .ai files)?  Or do I have to start all over in InDesign?


      Is it just me, or are InDesign and Illustrator two halves of a single program, but don't work together?  There has to be a way for the latest in two Adobe software titles to accomplish what Freehand could do ten years ago with just one program.