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    Conditional statement needed to navigate forward and back buttons of a slideshow. Please help!


      Hello - I am trying to program a slideshow. The user should be able to click on a forward button and the next symbol with an image on a timeline should play in. The user should also be able to click on a back button and the previous image would appear. Each image is currently sitting in it's own symbol. The user should also be able to navigate the slideshow through a little button for each image, I was able to program the little individual buttons so that as the current image moves out and the new image moves in. I would like the forward and back button to behave in the same way, that is recognize the current symbol and play the 'out' animation within that symbols timeline and then play the 'in' animation of the next symbol's timeline. I have not been able to figure out what the code would need to be for the forward and back buttons. I am guessing I need to create some sort of conditional statement to do this, but how? and what? I have uploaded an example file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qy7k43022l1s3d/Example.zip (Please note I am working in Edge version 1.5). If anyone can help I would very very grateful!