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    Features Disabled in Flash Pro CC


      I recently purchased Flash Professional to use for animating, after trying it out. During the period where I was using the trial version of the software, I noticed that certain options were not available to use, but I assumed that it was because I was using a trial. After purchase, the features are still disabled. Some of them are extremely important for me to use, like being able to change to a blend mode other then "Normal" or "Add", and being able to use the Hairline stroke width preset for shading.


      I've searched online extensively and have not found an answer. Adobe also doesn't appear to mention these features as being disabled in the trial version, which is even more confusing. Is it me, or them?

      My specs are:


      OSX 10.9.2 (Mavericks)

      2.9 GHz Intel Core i5

      8 GB 1600 MHz DDr3






      As you can see, it doesn't let me use these features. There are other disabled features as well, such as:

      Horizontal and Vertical in Scale


      I can only change the top left corner in the "Rectangle Options" on the Rectangle tool.

      Can't import video.

      Among others.


      Any help would be appreciated, thanks!