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      The ps touch will not respond .I reinstalled it,but still can't get it to open.Please advise thanks.

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          Have you checked how much free space you have on your device?

          Can you please explain more in detail what you mean by "will not respond"? Is this occurring on startup?




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            sall12 Level 1

            Where do ignored on Ipad to check the remaining date.It just bought. 128

            gig apple air.I bought the Photoshop Touch App and have been using it for

            my At Assignments.I do wish we could get more art effects on it .bot Last

            since last week it does not respond to touch.It will not open when I tap on

            the App to open.I believe the IOS devices have been susceptible to a new

            bug.I am wondering is that what is happening? Many thanks for replying.

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              Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee

              You need to go to Settings/General/About


              "Available" will tell you how much space you have left.





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                sall12 Level 1

                Many thanks,I have about 3 Gig out of five.Could the device have picked up this new bug?Any hope left for me opening this app or should I purchase it again?


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