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    I need FLM (Film Strip)

    Salman Arbaboon

      Hi, I want to make an experimental work which really needs .FLM format and unfortunately I see that this format is removed from exporting formats of PR and AE.  I am doing my project with CC and CS6.

      I know that this format is old but I need an export format like FLM (Film Strip) in which I could edit a video frame by frame with different soft wares and then have a single export from the whole video just like FLM.

      I searched a lot to do this because what I want to do need this process that I could edit every frame not only in PS but in some different software so I should have a JPG or PSD and/or … format from every frame that I could edit them in other soft wares. I want to ask you that is it possible for you to give me the film strip effect in a plug in format or codec for adobe CS6 or CC or something instead or give me a solution for this problem.