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    PRE 12 downloading megabytes of unasked for files


      New Premiere Elements installation.  First use and suddenly the program initiates a download - wav files, bitmaps, icons, xml, png, dat, dll, even empty folders. Started when I tried to render the first video.


      The download eats up all available bandwidth.  There's no way to stop it except by exiting the program.  Start the program again and the download resumes.  This is not a Premiere Element update - did that already.


      Thought I'd see if it would run it's course, but after 120+ megabytes, I called it quits.  How can I stop this download?  I don't need or want multiple copies of icons or wav files like "Nightscape" and "Magical School".

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You're saying that AFTER you downloaded and installed the program, it downloaded 120 megs MORE stuff?


          That's not right.


          And if you're seeing multiple icons appearing on your desktop,  that's not material for Premiere Elements.


          In fact, there are no elements that I know of with names like "Nightscape" and Magical School" in Premiere Elements.


          You've most likely got some sort of virus. I'd run an antivirus scan as soon as possible.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Those are the Music Scores and Sound Effects that are being downloaded, I'm not sure if the download can be stopped. On my system Music Scores occupy 976MB and Sound Effects 1.22GB.


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              fcoletelegram Level 1



              I didn't say they were appearing on my desktop.  They are among the types of files being downloaded.  The "icons" I spoke of are bmps and pngs appearing in the Premiere elements file structure, along with new wav, xml, dat files and others.  If this is a virus, it's very specific about downloading Adobe Premiere Elements content and is only active when the program is active.  This is not a virus, this is some Adobe content dpownload from hell.


              Sample image file being downloaded (multiple copies - one for each language?)




              Sample WAV download for "Prarie Dust"


              It created directory C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Premiere Elements\12.0\Online\Music Score\All_Lang\Country


              \Prarie Dust\metadata.xml


              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

              <PREContent xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/PREContent/11.0/">

                  <subscription value="core" />


                                  <oem value="educational" />

                                  <oem value="retail" />




              \Prarie Dust\Prairie Dust_prv.wav (about 5.6 mb)


              Other samples of files being downloaded, mutliple versions of each:


              zdictionary.dat - apparently one for each language



              and dozens and dozens more

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                At the moment I am just targeting the Premiere Elements 12 "Music Score" but the principles are applicable to "Sound Effects" also.


                You cannot stop the installation of Music Score into Premiere Elements 12. But you can save yourself hard drive space by not "downloading" after program installation any of the in project blue banned music scores after program installation. The other side of the coin is that you cannot use a blue banned music score in the project until you have downloaded it.


                Installation of the program puts music scores on the hard drive with incomplete assets. Downloading from within the project, supplies and completes the music scores incomplete assets that were installed with the program and that you need for the music score to work. If all the music scores were to be downloaded with files completed from within the project, you are looking at hard drive space consumption 981 MB (239.8 files and 60 folders). I am working on getting you the counterpart hard drive space consumption of the incomplete music score assets. It is going to be far far less than 981 MB.


                And, do not think that you can delete Music Score from the Online Folder/Music Score and be done with them. All will be regenerated automatically to the same hard drive location in a slow but detemined process. I have been there and done that.


                For your information, Music Score can be found

                Local Disk C

                Program Data


                Premiere Elements


                Online Folder

                Music Score


                After writing all of the above, I wondered if I have misinterpreted your question. I interpreted your question about Music Scores installation with installation of the program and not music scores assets downloaded and installed from within the project. Are you really complaining about all the assets that each music score needs in order to function?


                Please review, consider, and then let me know if I have targeted your question.










                If all the music scores were downloaded, the max consumption of hard drive space would be expected to be 981 MB, 2398 files, and 60 folders. The min consumption of hard drive space will be far far less (I am still working on getting you a size for that.) if you do not download the music score The download factor is the only factor that I can see helping you with your hard drive space consumption issue and this.



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  As a continuation of my post numbered 4 in your thread, I just determined the size of the Music Score Folder (before any of its content was downloaded from within the project) and found


                  298 MB

                  (105 files and 60 folders)


                  as compared to Music Score Folder (with all its content downloaded from within the project


                  981 MB

                  (239.8 files and 60 folders)



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    The icons you illustrated with your post above, by the way, are just basic program icons for the Elements Organizer.


                    They're a part of the program, so I'm still not sure why you're seeing them as a separate download.


                    ATR, have you ever seen these GUI elements come in separately? This is one weird installation fco has going here.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      SG and fcoletelegram


                      This is indeed a strange happening which seems to be flavored with Music Score names, if not thumbnail representations that anyone would expect to see.


                      Let me give you an example, based on fcoletelegram details...

                      Those thumbnails are said to be part of the download for Music Score/Country/Prairie Dust choice


                      Before starting the download of Prarie Dust from within the Audio Tab/Music Score/Country in the opened project in Premiere Elements 12 Windows 7 64 bit, I can see the following in the Prairie Dust Folder


                      (Properties: 5.64 MB (2 files, 0 folders)


                      When I start the download for this one Music Score from within the opened project, a dialog tells me that I have a 11.8 MB download coming.


                      PrarieDust Before.JPG

                      After the download for that Music Score is started in the opened project and completed,

                      the Prairie Dust Folder contents looks like


                      (Properties: 17.6 MB (39 files, 0 folders)


                      Mostly, aac files and definitely no icons looking like those shown by fcoletelegram. (When download

                      was in progress, the Prairie Dust folder contents were watched as files were generated. At no time

                      did thumbnails appear that looked like those shown by fcoletelegram.)


                      Control panel check showed that the Windows Media Player was set to open .aac files by default.

                      I would wonder what this user had set for defaults to open audio files.


                      But, as presented, I would say I have never ran into the situation described and suspect there is

                      more going on here than has been uncovered in the user's computer environment.


                      Interesting reminder in all this, it was seen that Music Score and Sound Effects under Audio Tab made a gradual and delayed appearance there after the program appeared to be fully installed. More later on that another time.


                      There was recent thread about uncontrolled download content to computer with Premiere Elements. I will look for that to dust off my recollection on that matter to see if there is any relationship to fcoletelegram's situation.


                      More later.