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    Best CC plan for 21-student, high school classroom, for 2 months


      Hello everyone.


      I am a high school student in a school in Slovenia, Europe. In my class, we are about to start a project where each student has to use different tools. The teacher suggested we make a small research about different possibilities, and my idea was a Creative Clout plan. I have examined the plans that Adobe offers, but none really suit this situation.

      Since this project will last for about 2 months, an anual plan would be a waste of money. Also, different students would choose different tools, and the full plan would be a good choice I suppose.

      There is 21 students, but probably not all of the students will join, but those who do will pay a part of the price.


      My goal now is to find the cheapest way this can be done, so if you have a sollution please share it


      Thank you in advance.