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    3D Camera Tracking UNEXPLAINABLE error

    Brandon163 Level 1

      I have looked on youtube and this site and i cannot find anyone else with this issue. I have uploaded a scene in fornt of a green sccreen and another person was using a camcorder handheld,which means there was movement involved on screen. The scene was 40 seconds long and it would not track any points i would get that analysis not found error or whatever it was. But i cut the footage into 5 seconds each,3d motion tracked it and the points are now there....somehow. But now my HUGE issue is when i select the points and get that target,i click create null and camera. When i do i get my red box with the null object. But once i click the layer of that track solid, its GONE. It dissapears. Then i go back and click it again It will stay stillas if i never 3d camera tracked it in the first place. This is the most fustrating thing and i cannot find anything to help me. Im only allowed to see my points and create objects...the solid  wont move with the points itll just stay where it is. Help ASAP thank you

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, are there fixed objects in your scene that do not move like set pieces or tracking marks on the greenreen? If not the likelihood that you can get a good track is very small. An actor moving around on a greenscreen gives the tracker nothing but a moving actor to track and you can't solve for camera movement if there is no fixed geometry in the scene to track.


          Have you been successful in using 3D camera tracker on other shots?

          Is AE up to date?

          Are you new to AE?


          If the answer to these questions is yes then your scene probably will not track.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Well, have you actualyl enough consistent markers in the scene? Doesn't seem to be the case because you didn't plan your shoot properly...



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              Brandon163 Level 1

              Im not THAT new to after effects, like i recently recorded my street in first person and changed all the houses to buildings and it motion tracked really smooth and nice. But i have never motion tracked something in front of a green screen. My AE is up to date too.

              I actually need ideas on what those x's or markers actually go for like why are those markers where they are? I tried making a target to see if itll motion track that but i guess it doesnt

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                Brandon163 Level 1

                And yea i had a huge amount of markers all over but like when i added a null object and camera,it would be there then not move with the markers. So i do have alot of markers to motion track with,it just doesnt motion track

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                  Brandon163 Level 1

                  This is the video im trying to motion tracking i can kinda figure out why it wont work,but i reall want an image to motion track with our movement on the green screen. Please guys do you have any idea what i can add to make this work?

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You might have some success tracing the shot if you cut it up into pieces. The first part, the first 15 seconds or so may track, but the rest of it starts to fall apart very quickly. Your big light/lens flare is hugely problematic. The lack of tracking markers on the green screen is also hugely problematic.


                    I would approach this shot differently. I would cut the shot into three pieces, stabilize the middle segment so that the set piece on the right side of the frame does not move, then do the key and insert a fixed background. I would then remove the stabilization and add the motion to the background using an expression.


                    The last part of the shot where the hand with the gun comes in is a huge problem. No reference for tracking. You'll have to do that part by hand.


                    Every one of your problems are a result of a complete lack of understanding of motion tracking, match moving, and production planning. If you want that kind of free flowing camera move you have to meticulously plan every element. The key to pulling off that kind of a sequence is NOT simple 3D camera tracking, it's motion tracking and background replacement.

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                      I had the same promblem, I solved it by going to View>Switch 3D View>Active Camera (Sometimes it's already selected, just click it anyways)
                      Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.56.41 AM.png