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    Loss of Memory


      I am having trouble rendering in a higher format with adobe premiere  10 and it seems I am having a loss of memory with it. It keeps getting low on memory.  I am also working on a 32 bit opertating system that is meant to be on 64 so you can tell I am having a lot of fun with lagging and stalling.

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          Your Premiere Elements 10 is a 32 bit application running in your 32 bit computer operating system...which is?

          As such, you are hit with the 32 bit limitation of max supported installed RAM 4 GB of which typically 3.2 to 3 GB of that are available. Just how much installed and available RAM does your computer have?


          What are the properties of the source media that are going into your project? If photos as part of the Timeline content, how many and what pixel dimensions.

          What is the total duration of the project when the "low on memory" messages set in? And, what are the formats on the Timeline when the "low on memory" messages set in?


          What are you setting as the project preset for this project?

          How complex is the Timeline content...multi track etc?


          Depending on your answers, the only answer might be to upgrade your computer environment or deal with smaller projects, maybe with alternative formats.

          But it is premature to give a response in the absence of relevant details.


          Looking forward to your follow up.