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    XML Results from Breeze

      Hi, I'm trying to put a front-end on some of the functions exposed by the Adobe Connect Professional 6.0 XML services API. The problem I'm having is the xml returned comes back like:

      <status code="ok"/>

      I don't know how to directly reference the 'report-my-training' node using the E4X syntax in my flex app and I am at a loss as to how to parse the results because many of the adobe connect responses contain tags with the "-" character in the node names. Any ideas?
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          If it works how i think it does... you access it using the dot operator
          so this.....
          monthData = event.result.list.month.source as Array
          is getting data from this using a HTTPService call....


          <month name="Jan-04" revenue="400263" average="80052">
          <region name="APAC" revenue="46130"/>
          <region name="Europe" revenue="106976"/>
          <region name="Japan" revenue="79554"/>
          <region name="Latin America" revenue="39252"/>
          <region name="North America" revenue="128351"/>

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            bcdennis_ie Level 1
            The problem isn't the values having "-"'s but the nodes themselves. When I use the dot operator I get an error because it looks like data.item-noun.child and the parser thinks i'm trying to subtract something.