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    my solution for cannot turn page problem in ADE


      It seems this problem has been there for a while. I have this problem in ADE 2.0 and 3.0. I solve this problem on my computer today.


      This problem is not a "turnning page" problem but an UI refresh problem, if you turn page, close ADE and reopen it, you will find the page actually turnned,  I guess this problem occurs on a computer which have two display card. On my laptop, a NVIDIA, and an integrated. ADE works fine on NVIDIA and not on the integrated one.


      So Here is my solution: Tell ADE not running on the integrated display card but on NVIDIA. You can do so by using NVIDIA's control panel program. "manage 3D settings" -> "program setting" tab, add ADE, and tell it running on NVIDIA.

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          System: Windows 7; graphics (onboard Motherboard) Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 Properties.


          I have the same problem:

          ADE does not turn page *unless* I resize the ADE window after turning the page.  After resizing the ADE window, the page will turn.


          I don't have multiple displays.  I don't know how to adjust my display setting to facilitate ADE.  Still looking for a solution... If you find a solution or a better product, let us know.