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    Asset downloading

      I'm working on building a gallery for my personal work (photography, graphic design) and I'm starting out with Actionscript 3.0 (never used anything prior except what little I know from object oriented programming in C++).

      I haven't had time to dig through everything just yet, but I think that it would be really cool to add a dynamic pausing and resuming of downloads while browsing a gallery. ie. the current image would be loaded, then you could have the previous and next ones downloading (if not already loaded)... if the user navigates next before previous is loaded, that data would remain and resume again when it became either the next, prev, or curr item again.

      In other words, you would download everything to the right and left from where the user was browsing the current... so they choose one way and still have the other way loaded or at least partially loaded when the came back around or went directly to.

      Is something like this possible? I would like to learn what I can do.

      My plan with this gallery to have everything fully implemented in classes whether I need the extra flexibility or not. I'm working on the navigation right now and I'm probably only going to use 2 buttons for that, but a nav object could be used anywhere, so I'm making it for an unspecified number of buttons. Depending on the number, they are evenly and asthetically placed in a circular pattern for easy navigation.

      Hmmm... what else? If I have a main class containing several other classes and I create an origin.x and origin.y for the other sub-classes reference, can I create event listeners to act on the whole? ie. if I have three object classes that can be seen on the flash stage, if I drag on, the others go as well? And maybe have other spots to act on the individual objects?

      Can you track multiple events like that? where I can program it to know that I am dragging several objects while dragging from one particular object within that group of several?

      I appologize if this is confusing, this is my first post and I'm really wanting to learn as much as I can! I'm enjoying what I've figure out on my own so far! Please help if you can understand what I'm asking!