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    UX analysis


      Hi guys,

      I'm taking a UI design class at my university and, as part of a project, I'm looking at animation software with time-based timelines rather than keyframe-based ones. (Adobe Edge Animate and presentation software are the only pieces of software I found that fit that description -- if you know of any others, let me know.)


      If you're a user, could you help me by answering the questions below? (You can answer even if you're a complete beginner, and feel free to skip questions.)

      • Adobe Edge Animate is said to be for web designers, web developers, and motion designers. Which of those labels fits you best? Or is there another label that fits you better?
      • What work do you create with Adobe Edge Animate? What have you created so far? Links appreciated.
      • If you use scripts, what do you use them for? Would you be able to work without scripts?
      • Do you use repetition within your animations?
      • Are some of your animations triggered by clicking or hovering? If so, are they single animations, or is a whole series of animations triggered?
      • How often do you use scripts? What do you use them for?
      • How often do you use motion paths?
      • Do you have any problems with the UI of Adobe Edge Animate? Please be specific.
      • Have you had any problems with learning to use Adobe Edge Animate? Is there something in particular that you found unintuitive?
      • Did you get easily accustomed to the pin? Are you comfortable with it?
      • How often do you use the Easing button? What easing options do you tend to use? Would it be useful to you if you could define your own easing spline?
      • Anything you'd like to add about your experienc with Adobe Edge?