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    AS3 project stopped working when I went from CS5 to CS6


      I have a bunch of includes for displaying text:


      import flashx.textLayout.elements.Configuration;

      import flashx.textLayout.formats.TextLayoutFormat;

      import flashx.textLayout.formats.TextAlign;

      import flashx.textLayout.elements.TextFlow;

      import flashx.textLayout.elements.ParagraphElement;

      import flashx.textLayout.elements.SpanElement;

      import flashx.textLayout.container.ContainerController;


      and when I compile the project, I get this error:


      Definition flashx.textLayout.elements.Configuration could not be found.


      for all these includes.  And then I get the error:


      Type was not found or was not a compile time constant: Configuration


      When I try to use any of these types.  Do I need to download additional libraries for CSS or put my project in a different file?  I don't understand why my includes shouldn't work - these classes are still showing up in the online AS3 documentation.