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    Place multiple images on separate layers?

    T. Baze

      I'm working with InDesign CS5.5 on a Mac and need to import multiple images into separate layers. The imprint project has a base layer template and several company logos that need to go into their own layer. Is there a way to bring all the logos in at once and have them create their own layer without manually creating each layer and placing images one by one? Can InDesign do this automatically or is there a script? I can't seem to find a way to automate this process.


      Any ideas would be appreciated!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do these images and layers already exist in another InDesign file? If so, you can select and copy them. Then open your new file, and from the Layers panel menu select Paste Remembers Layers. Then paste them into the new document. Each object will be placed on the appropriate layer.


          If the images only exist outside of InDesign and the layers haven't been created, how would InDesign know which layers to create and which files to place on which layers? I'm sure it could be scripted but whether such a script exists, I don't know.

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            Obi-wan Kenobi Level 5



            Take a glance to this small and not least very friendly [JS] written by Kasyan Servetsky:




            var scriptName = "Objects to layers - 1.0";

            if (app.documents.length == 0) ErrorExit("Please open a document and try again.", true);




            function Main() {

                      var i, currentItem, newLayer,

                      doc = app.activeDocument;


                  for (i = 0; i < doc.pageItems.length; i++) {

                                currentItem = doc.pageItems.item(i);

                                newLayer = doc.layers.add();




                      alert("Finished.", scriptName);



            function ErrorExit(error, icon) {

                      alert(error, scriptName, icon);






            Associated with layers merging, it's a cool tool! 

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              T. Baze Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. The images are not in InDesign. Most are separate PDFs some are TIF. I was hoping to get it to work something like PS where you drag in a bunch of images and they put themselves in layers with the file name pasted in the layer name.If only it were that simple.


              I think I'll have to find a script to get it to work. I'll give this one a try.