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    Change storage folder for recorded shows




      This must be a newbie question. I have found info on how to change the folder that FMS is saving the recorded videos in it.. but I want  to make this folder to be one under the public_html folder (installed on Linux).


      For example, I am using: Flash Media Interactive Server Enterprise v4 and i see it is saving the recorded shows to:




      But this folder is above the public_html folder.. I want to save them instead to the folder videos under public_html:




      But when I change this in all the application.xml files, it still keeps saving them to the first path not to the new one.. and if i restart the FMS server, they no more get saved....


      Am i putting the path correct? any idea please?



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          yaradager Level 1

          Any help or suggestion please?



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            hparmar Adobe Employee

            I think if you specify complete file path whne trying to record/save the video it will store in the complete path.


            BTW you said "you changed it all in Application.xml"...What all you changed...


            Your change should be somewhat on following lines. Check sample vod application that ships with AMS




                            <!-- Specifies application specific virtual directory mapping for recorded streams.   -->