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    Tools malfunction


      I purchased Creative Cloud purely for Photoshop (don't get me started on how pissed I am with the monthly subscription thing) for academic reasons. During my second session working on a project, my tablet began 'freezing'. It worked fine on my destock and internet and skype, but not Photoshop. Upon unplugging the tablet, I discovered that my brush, eye dropper, eraser, hand tool, blur and dodge tool and colours are all non responsive. All samples taken with eye dropper, the only one that does more that move the cursor around, become pure white. I can select other colous in the colour wheel and manually adjust them, but they instantly become grey and black values when I select OK.

      This is very frustrating. I have been working at fixing this for twelve hours and cannot afford such glitches. I've seen other people having similar glitches and am willing to share any help I find, but I most certainly would appreciate a refund for this month, especially if my issue is not resolved quickly.