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    Why is TOC entry out of order?

    JAL3 Level 1

      I am using ID CS5.5 on Win 7 pro.


      I have a booked series of documents. So far, the table of contents entries have been behaving themselve... until today.


      If you look at this screenshot, you will see the major heading "Prototypical Family Groups" on p156.


      The very next entries are for the "Enertek Family Groups" with two entries (so far). Those are the Initiator Family and the Strong ARM family. These are on pages 153-155.


      Why are these entries, which are in the previous section "Patriarchal Family Groups", out of order here? I checked the page numbers and they are correct. The Enertek entries DO occur before the Prototypical families.TOC 1.png

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          JAL3 Level 1

          This pic shows the actual spread. Aircraft familes should be the next entry after the Prototypical heading.


          The actual Enertek entries occur several spreads before.TOC 2.png

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Are you using alphabetical sorting for any of the paragraphs?

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              JAL3 Level 1

              Not that I know of but I must admit to not even knowing what you mean.


              I just find it odd that of all the entries thus far, this is the only one out of place.


              FWIW, it is a complex project migrating from PageMaker 7. I am about 190 pages into it. The PM7 book runs to around 8000 and I was only 2/3 done.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Whern you set up the TOC style, each paragrpah style has options, including the TOC level and wheter to sort alphabetically. It looks like that style might be sorting alphabetically.

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                  JAL3 Level 1

                  Again, I would like to offer my thanks for the time taken with my problem and apologize for my tardiness in replying. I bounce between 2 churches and 6 hospitals and the time and opportunity to work on personal projects, such as this one of mine, comes on an irregular basis and not very often.


                  The problem still persists and has occurred with one more set of entries. I still do not understand it and am systematically trying to work through each of the myriad of settings for paragraph styles to see how alphabitization may have been selected. So far there is no reportable result.


                  One thing that I have noticed, though, is that the out of order entries are out of order but they are not in alphabetical order. From this, I conclude that alphabitization not not a likely culprit. I am still working through all of the options mainly because I need to learn about them at some point.


                  I will post more details and pics as soon as the opportunity presents itself.


                  Thanks once again,




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                    JAL3 Level 1

                    The problem has been fixed.


                    I can report how I fixed it but I still do not understand what went wrong.


                    If you will recall from the original pics, the entries for "Enertek" appeared in the wrong place. A few days later, I needed to create another family group for "Shrox". Without thinking, I added 2 pages after the Enertek entry, copied the Enertek entry to the new page and then Replaced "Enertek" with "Shrox" and added the manufacurer specific data.


                    The Shrox entries in the TOC were locted incorrectely right behind the Enertek entries. This got me thinking that there was something fundamentally wrong with the original Enertek entry but I could not figure out what.


                    As an Experiment, I added some pages further forward in the section and copied and pasted the Enertek Entries there. WHen the TOC was updated, the newly created Enertek were in the right place but hte original ones were still in the wrong place. From this, I concluded that there was the actual frames were OK but there must be something wrong with the pages themselves. Checking the master page assignments revealed nothing. I was stumped.


                    Today, I realized that as I copied "Enertek" to make "Shrox", I had likely copied "Enerjet" to make "Enertek". I created a new spread for Enerjet and then deleted the old Enerjet, the old Enertek and the old Shrox. Everything now appears in the correct order in the TOC.


                    I have no idea what was wrong. I would like to understand this to prevent or more easily fix it in the future.