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    PE 11 hangs/crashes/unsuccessful during rendering process..


      After working for two weeks on my project and ready to do the final edits, PE 11 is no longer able to render my project.  (this has therfore 'rendered' me unable to finish what I have just spent so much time on. )  It appears to begin to render the clip, but hangs after it reaches (for example) frame 47 out of 423 frames.  It does not move on from 47...no error message, just sits there frozen until I cancel to render process (which is obviously not proceeding)  PE 11 worked like a champ until the last 15 minutes of production, then leaves my project dead in the water.  Terribly frustrating...Can anyone offer advice?..Thanks, John

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          You wrote

          this has therfore 'rendered' me unable to finish what I have just spent so much time on.


          That is not the case. You do not have to render the Timeline content in order to continue in the project to the next and final stages. Rendering of the Timeline is a preview thing which allows you to catch a problem sooner than later.


          How much more of the project do you have to do to complete it? Just move on if render is impossible. At this point, we need to be convinced that it is impossible.


          1. Do you have the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar positioned so that they span the whole Timeline that you want to render to get the best possible preview?


          2. Is there an orange line over the Timeline content to be rendered? If no colored line or a green line over that content, then the content will never render there. The no colored line or green line over the content indicates that you already have the best possible preview so the program is not going to render to get what you already have.


          3. When you go to render, are you getting playback of the Timeline content instead of seeing the Render dialog?


          Please review the above and then we can decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            ruexp1967 Level 1

            Hello A.T., Thanks for your response!

            Yes, I have the grey tabs positioned over the work areas to be rendered.  I have tried small sections at a time but with same results..hanging/non-responding.  The areas to be rendered are indeed orange.

            as for 'When you go to render, are you getting playback of the Timeline content instead of seeing the Render dialog?' ...no..I just simply cancel out of the rendering window without a problem.  There are no error messages or hard crashes etc. It is as if the program simply ceases to function. 

            My final edits to this project are motion and other effects which I cannot effectively do with unrendered video as it is impossible to view..ie choppy, sporadic etc.

            I will call adobe in the am..they will probably give me a hard time about offering support since it is a PE version 11 and I didnt sign up for the extended service (?) plan.  I have been trying to download the trial version of PE 12 today to see if I could render my project in the new version.  Unfortunately, I keep getting error messages after 3 install attempts, 'the installation process has encountered an erro while installing. Please restart.' Then it proceeds to 'roll back' the installation process..Unbelievable bad experiences with adobe today!...lol..

            In the meantime I have a 5th grade history class looking forward to seeing my 'western pioneers' video this coming Wednesday for a presentation...

            Adobe PE has been a very difficult and cumbersome program for me to use starting with 9, 10 and 11.  I keep upgrading hoping that things will get better..but the various issues just continue.  Sorry to crying to blues here..its just been a long day fighting with PE.

            Thanks for listening...


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I understand the situation completely. Do not give up. In the morning, hopefully the situation will take a turn for the better and arrive at resolution.


              I am not optimistic about you getting support from Adobe. It is consistent in not extending support for Premiere Elements earlier than the current version. But we are not Adobe. So you can give it a try.


              For troubleshooting purposes, it might be a good consideration to download and install the free 30 day tryout of 12 from Adobe to determine if the same problem exists in it as in version 11. However, you seem to say that you have had troubles with earlier versions. If that is the case, our target may need to be the computer environment.

              a. What video card/graphics card does your computer use? Does it use 1 or 2? Is the driver or drivers up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card(s)?

              b. Are you running the program Run As Administrator or from a User Account with Admininstrative Priviledges?


              and then also....on the project set up side of things....


              But, are you seeing this orange line render indicator when you first drag your video to the Timeline, even before you start to edit the file? If so, you do not have the correct project preset. And is this orange line that you are looking above the Timeline content or an orange line (rubberband) that runs horizontally across the clip in the clip?


              Now is the time to dig into the project details.

              a. What are the properties of your source media? What brand/model/settings for the camera that recorded the video?

              b. What project preset have you or the project set to match the properties of the source media? If you do not know, please see Edit Menu/Project Settings/General and the readings for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, and Pixel Aspect Ratio - even if they look grayed out.


              Please review the above and then we will sort through the details in the morning.


              Thanks for the follow ups. Keep positive thoughts.



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                ruexp1967 Level 1

                I had a computer tech come in and solve this issue.  Several adobe techs attempted to remedy this situation, but all had failed after several hours.  I asked my computer tech to give me a brief explanation of how he remedied the problem and this is what he wrote..


                'To fix the rendering issue we tried a bunch of things but here is what I think eventually worked. The application had a pile of damaged renders for some reason. These were in the preview folder. One thing I noticed the application will do is 'fail' silently when you are rendering a portion of the video that was already rendered and has a file in the preview folder. I imagine this is an efficiency thing in order to save cycles because if a preview already exists, you don't need to remake it.


                However I am not sure what the application uses to determine if the time line for a given section to be rendered is 'dirty' or needs to be re-rendered for preview. From what I can tell if it has any logic to tell if a section is 'dirty', that logic was not working.


                We ended up deleting all of the damaged renders and re-associating the missing links in the application to some resources. I think the combination of these two things may have corrected the problem. Once the damaged renders were gone, the logic that was telling the application a preview did not need to be made was bypassed and the render was completed.


                As to why the render may have failed in the first place: It could have been the missing file associations. That could easily cause a silent failure because it would cause a read error while it was trying to render. I like to think they made an application that would be robust enough to tell you one of the files you are using in your time line has a resource location issue, but that does not seem to be the case.


                So to anyone who is having the same problem as you were having, I would tell them to fix any missing file associations in the media resources and then delete all the previous renders that they are not going to keep. After that try rendering again and see what happens. One thing also did was to change the location of the preview output as well. The first time we got it to render was after we did this. I then changed it back and it failed again until we cleared the files.


                I hope that helps someone in the forums you were asking around in.'