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    Gradient adjustment layer

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      I'm new to adjustment layers.  I'm able to make such layers now, but when selecting gradient and selecting "align with layer" option, it actually aligns with the whole document, not just the layer.  When I click between the adjustment layer and the image layer while holding ALT, the gradient is out of view.


      How can I have a full gradient on one particular layer?



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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The align with layer seems to only work if you have a selection when you create the gradient fill layer, or the gradient fill layer is limited by it's own layer mask.  Holding the alt key down and clicking between the gradient fill layer and a lower layer will clip the gradient fill layer to that layer, and the gradient will only show where the underlying had some visibility.  Doing this will not change the way the gradient fill layer is applyed by using the align with layer.  You would need to make a selection of the underlying layer and apply that selection to the gradient fill layer's mask.  Seems like it should work with a clipping mask, but it doesn't seem to do that.