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    FileReference upload freezes

      I am building an app that needs to upload files to a web server. Very straight-forward stuff: I create a FileReference instance and assign a SELECT event listener. I call browse() when they click the browse button. When they select a file, I assign event listeners for CANCEL, COMPLETE, IO_ERROR, PROGRESS, SECURITY_ERROR, and HTTP_STATUS. Then I call the upload() method. I assign some URLVariables to the URLRequest object that is passed to the upload method (the account ID, what I want the file to be renamed to, etc.). Nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can tell. But...

      For some reason, Flash will randomly freeze up during the upload. If I am testing it in the Flash IDE, it freezes up Flash entirely and I have to kill the IDE's process. If I am testing it in a browser, it locks up the browser (all tabs) and I have to kill the browser's process. I can't find any rhyme or reason to why this is occurring. The only thing consistent is that it only occurs during the upload. Sometimes it works flawlessly, but other times (about half the time) it freezes up. The freeze happens at random points during the upload as well; sometimes it never shows any progress before freezing up, sometimes it gets to 68%, other times it gets to 100%. I'm running an XMLSocket in this application as well, could there be some sort of networking issue with these two systems running simultaneously?

      Some details:
      The OS is Windows XP.
      The Flash version is 9.0.
      It uses ActionScript 3.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.