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    Screen view issues windows 8 / adobe digital editions 3.0


      Hi Adobe customer help desk,


      I have updated from windows XP to new laptop with windows 8.0

      I used ADE 2.0 previous and downloaded new version 3.0 to use

      with my Kobe Reader.


      Downloaded and installed ( 3 times ) and authorised etc, but will not

      read even the getting started file ? Managed to print the file and there

      appears a known issue with screen reader support?


      Ref: JAWS, NVDA as well as Window-eyes issues ? Please advise what

      one needs to do to get DE working ? I note the Window-eyes is not free?

      Have not reraearched rest as I will wait for your advice ?


      I had activated my computer without ID, is that OK ?


      Please reply with suggested actions, I feel you have fallen short so far

      with customers using your software. I use Adobe reader X as well.


      In anticipation: HansWillem