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    quadro K3100 for Adobe pp cs6


      G'day  Adobe people,


      I'm sure someones proberably asked this somewhere, but i couldn't find the thread


      Am upgrading to CS6 prodution premuim, and also need to upgrade my laptop accordingly


      was looking at the top line 15" Apple retina , great specs. except for what i believe is any inadequate card  ( gt 750 )


      for a AUD $3,300 + computer??    was looking at mobile work stations like the 17" HP Zbooks, they look great and on paper


      more powerful, the one i'm considering has a Quadro K3100 4gb card.


      Now i know the old adage, if gaming go GTX , if modelling, CAD, multi layering , ect   go the quadro


      If i could configure this Zbook with a GTX 780 i would,  but they only offer quadros.


      All i;m doing is video editing, renderng Full HD files, possibly 2k ( REDCODE ) at most.


      Should this card mentioned still be more than adequate in speed/ performance for such tasks?


      Anyone out there  ala. 3D Animators, ect   experience with this question??