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    multiple copy paste

    gert verrept Level 2


      Does someone knows of a script in InDesign which allows one to have more then one "item" in its clipboard, but without loosing the formatting? I'll explain, We often work with legal docs. All of them are in two languages. I you have to enter the law title on  the French side  it has to be added on the Dutch one too. It's much easier to keep both frames the same length then first copying all the Dutch items and then the French side. So, I've been looking for some extra clipboard solutions for Win 7 64bit, but none of them retains the InDesign formatting (underline, spacing, char and pare styles ...). We are looking for a  script where you can store a few items (without loosing the formatting, the items are always used in the actif document) from which you can select the item you want to copy.