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    CS6 Indesign crash on Mac since forced reboot


      Good morning team,

      I'm in big trouble since friday last week. I had to force a Mac reboot 'cause the whole desk was freezing (while moving some korean files to our fileserver). Since then I cannot open Indesign anymore.

      I've had 2 files opened when my Mac crashed, one was already saved, the other wasn't. Im not sad about losing the savings, because I was just starting with a new layout. Anyhow, I need to run Indesign for my work again - immediately.


      I've already tried any mentioned solutions, deleting the recovery files, renaming and deleting Indesign Defaults and SavedData, but nothing works. I hope you can help me find a solution, I have some deadlines today


      Here's the log:



      If you need any more informations, please just let me know. Thank you for help!



      P.S. System is OSX 10.9.2