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    Constant hangs when adding media


      This is my first attempt at a reasonable sized project in Premiere Elements. I have just moved from using a Mac to using Windows and so far it's been very painful.


      I am trying to put together a short video for my daughters birthday, combing the past 10 years video we have of her.


      I spent hours on this yesterday and kept getting constant hangs when adding media.


      Thinking perhaps some drivers or something were causing issues, I rebuilt the PC from scratch.


      Unfortunately it still hangs when I drag and drop new media into the video window.


      I have downloaded the latest Premiere Elements update, my version is 12.1 (20140225.12.620828)


      I have all the latest WIndows 8.1 updates, the latest graphics driver from AMD and have just run an error check on the disks.


      There are two drives in my PC, the boot drive is an SSD one with 193GB free, the data and project disk has 1.51 TB free.


      The PC has 16gb memory.


      I can now reproduce this every time. I load PE 12, load my project, drag and drop a new clip (which is a 48mb MP4 file which plays fine outside of PE).


      The Add Media window pops up, no progress is shown and then PE has hung.


      I've rebooted and repeated with no joy.


      Please help, I have 2 days to finish the project and am beginning to regret selling my Mac.


      Thanks alot,



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is this video coming from and what format and resolution is it?


          The fact that it's an MP4 doesn't really give us enough information.


          Open one of your MP4s in G Spot or Media Info and post its resolution, frame rate and audio and video codec to this forum.



          Unless you've got an optimized workflow going, you're going to find yourself struggling with your footage -- even on a very powerful machine.


          BTW, what processor does your computer have and how much RAM?


          Also, when you add your video to your timeline in Expert view, do you see a yellow orange line along the top of the timeline, above the video clips? This indicates a mismatch between your video specs and project settings.

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            skigh34 Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Processor is core i7-3770 3.4GHz

            RAM is 16 GB

            I don't see any orange line in expert view


            This is 10 years of footage captured from numerous devices. It seems to hang on various imports, not always the same one.


            I've taken to importing a clip, saving the project, doing my edits and saving every minute at the moment...


            The last clip I had trouble with is identified in gspot as 1440 x 1080


            isom: MP4  Base Media v1 [IS0 14496-12:2003]

            - iso2: MP4 Base Media v2 [ISO 14496-12:2005]

            - avc1: MP4 Base w/ AVC ext [ISO 14496-12:2005]

            - mp41: MP4 v1 [ISO 14496-1:ch13]

            Recommended Display Size: 1919 x 1080


            I've just downloaded the trial of Premiere Pro which imported the exact same clip fine.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Under the Edit menu, what Project Properties are listed?


              You're sure that there's no yellow orange (or even green) line above the clips you've added to your timeline in Expert view? With these specs, you should be seeing them.


              Can you post a screen capture of your Expert timeline?

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                skigh34 Level 1

                This is Edit, Project Properties, General. FWIW I am in the UK, hence the PAL settings.




                and this is expert timeline, just spotted a tiny bit of orange, that is above the title text slide, so I could delete that quite easily?


                expert timeline.PNG

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Something is very strange.


                  You say G Spot shows your video as being 1440x1080 -- your project settings are 720x576, and yet the program isn't indicating that the project settings are not matched to the video.


                  I'm not sure what's up.

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                    skigh34 Level 1

                    Indeed! Something very strange, but not at all helpful to me getting this project completed on time!!


                    Could I try resetting the project setting to a higher resolution or something?


                    As I said I did a brand new install from the OS up last night in a last ditch effort!!

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      This is what you should consider doing


                      1. Open a new Premiere Elements 12 project to its Expert workspace.

                      2. Go to File Menu/New/Project Change Settings.

                      3. Change the project preset to



                      HD 1080i25

                      Before existing that area, in the new project dialog (last dialog that you will see) make sure that you have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on This Project".

                      4. Back in the Expert workspace, use Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets from where you drag your file(s) to the Timeline.


                      The project preset should match the properties of your source media. And, by all accounts, your source media is not PAL DV Standard (720 x 576 @ 25 interlaced frames per second). It is 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9 according to your report.


                      Just what do you want to do with your edited Timeline

                      a. burn to DVD-VIDEO widescreen on DVD disc

                      b. burn to AVCHD format on DVD disc


                      c. burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc.


                      If you are heavily into the project which does not seem setup correctly, remember the party line is that you cannot change project preset after it is set. But, I have found a way to do just that under certain conditions that we can explore. But, it might be just as easy to start a new project and set it up correctly. (In any case, I would advise you to do a mini test run using a new project, correct manually set project preset, and your problem media to support that we are on the right troubleshooting approach.)


                      We will be watching for further developments.









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                        skigh34 Level 1

                        Thanks ATR,


                        I've got weeks of work in this project, so I'll try your editing link below...

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the reply.


                          Let me know if you can adapt what is written to your specific situation. If not, I will do a run through with the specifics for the from and to.


                          If it comes to that, please confirm the wanted from and to so that we are in sync.