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    Concerns with overall support quality




      I am trying to buy CC membership and here are my story and questions to community so far:


      1) When using online form, I am able to fill out my order (I am ordering as a company, so VAT number is submitted, country: Latvia) , however after I try to confirm my order, following message appears:


      We need additional time to process your transaction

      You should get an email from us by next business day. If you don't hear back from us, you can check your order status on your account page or call us at +1 800-585-0774. If you're not in North America, you can look up a local number here. For now, check out all the great free features of Creative Cloud! Get started with trials


      2) I will say, that after ~1 months of efforts, nobody has contacted me and there is no order status on my account page. I have tried 2 different credit cards which both work fine in other online purchases.


      3) Ok, no problem, I will call phone support, I thought. However I have spent already around 40€-50€ on phone bills, waiting for being connected from one person to another to resolve my issue. One time after several loops I got through and support person took my credit card details on the phone and I was able to buy single app membership. Next time (I wanted to buy full pack membership), I got issued a support ticket, which stayed open for about a week and got closed, because "everything seems to be in order", despite my comments. However, to this day, I haven't been able to purchase my membership.


      4) I hope, somebody from Adobe will read this and my comments will help to improve quality of support. For example - one time when giving my adobe ID, which is my email address, I spent 15 minutes on the phone, trying to spell my full name to some non-native english speaking person from India or similar country. We tried both english spelling, military spelling and word games until succeeded Why cannot my adobe ID be array of numbers or something like that?


      5) From facebook/amazon/ebay/adobe - I have to say that adobe support has given me most of the problems but I hope that it will get better in the future.