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    More actions to one button

    Octopus67 Level 1

      I want to make a pause/play button, shifting between the two symbols by clicking.


      Does anybody know how to implement pictures instead of

      the on/off html-text on the button, according to following code from Marie Goodwyn captured from her site:







      //******************************** Demo for toggle button ******************

      //                                    with setVariable.                    * 

      //                              by Marie Goodwyn for edgeHero              *




      //set the value of a Symbol variable

      sym.setVariable("onOff", true);

      // click event


                // get the variable

                var onOff = sym.getVariable("onOff");

                if (onOff == true) {



                          // reset the variable to false for next click

                          sym.setVariable("onOff", false);


                else {



                          // reset the variable to false for next click

                          sym.setVariable("onOff", true);