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    Good luck with the forum + ePub feature request

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      Good idea about the new forum! I'm sure it will thrive.


      EPub creation in InDesign has advanced by leaps and bounds. Last week I created a fairly heavily illustrated fiction ePub out of InDesign in "one sitting", and -- amazingly -- without having to touch the resulting ePub in an external editor!  (This was a book that I had typeset for print in InDesign as well, so of course that makes it easier.) Just a little custom CSS, and some custom paragraph styles and object export settings. I think that's great, and thanks to Douglas Waterfall who is clearly doing an amazing job, plus is very attentive to listening to users' requests and ideas.


      Avoiding the use of an external editor is in my opinion very desirable, and currently, InDesign's Achilles heel when it comes to that is the navigation pane. The navigation pane is constructed according to a TOC that the user has created in InDesign, but not everything can be created with an InDesign TOC.


      On the most basic level, chapters in the actual ePub might be formatted as so:


      CHAPTER 1



      CHAPTER 2



      CHAPTER 3



      ... but in the nav. pane, one would prefer:


      1. Trains

      2. Planes

      3. Automobiles


      As far as I'm aware, the only way to achieve that currently is by opening up the ePub after export with an external editor and editing the nav pane manually.


      So if InDesign could offer some way to have more flexibility with that, and avoid the need to edit externally, that would be great.




      PS And of course, some sort of live preview when editing for ePubs in InDesign is also crucial.

      PPS I still can't help wondering if a separate Adobe ePub editor wouldn't be better than foisting it all on InDesign. Obviously, this ePub editor should be able to open InDesign files.