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    Data collection on interactive form


      Good morning all:


      I have designed an interactive form that works well, and has extended features so that the user can save the form. When the form is submitted, the data comes back in as xml, and I need it to come back as a PDF. I'm using LIveCycle ES 8.2.1.


      In previous versions of teh form where we did not use the dynamic tables, the data came back in a .csv format I could then upload into Excel.


      How do I do that with a dynamic form?


      Thanks in advance!

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          pranavj Adobe Employee

          Hi Traskj,


          You can change your button from an "Email submit button" to a plain old "Button". Then in the Object tab specify the Control Type as "Submit". This will give you a Submit tab.


          On the Submit tab set the Submit to URL field to be mailto:mailaddress (for example: mailto:me@mydomain.com). In the Submit As dropdown select PDF.


          By using a regular button (over an Email button) you get the additional control of the Submit As.