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    Photoshop CC very slow to open after Win 8.1 upgrade

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      Hi guys. 


      I was wondering can you help me. I have tried extensive google searches with no real conclusive answer. I recently upgraded from Win 8 to 8.1. Since the upgrade Photoshop CC is very slow to open. It can take 1-2 minutes to boot up fully. Lightroom 5.2 & bridge open fine. I have a pretty fast system with i7 3.4Ghz Processor & 32Gb of Ram with the OS running on a 256Gb SSD Hard Drive. PS CC booted up fine on Win 8 but not anymore since the upgrade. The only plug-in I run is OnOne Photosuite 8. I have even tried disabling loading extenions at start up from the preferences menu but it makes no difference as it can stil take 1-2 minutes to open. Any help appreciated??