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    How do I know my de-install deintsall complete?


      Hello, and thank you in advance for your help.


      I have two computers, a primary and a backup.


      CC is installed on both.


      I am replacing my backup computer with a new one.


      I want to de-install CC from my old backup, so I can install CC on my new backup.


      I want to do this WITHOUT having to de-install from my primary computer.


      In my old secondary computer, I deinstalled photoshopCC. 


      I think this was the only CC application on the computer.


      I am not positive, though. 


      I can find no other file folders with CC in them.


      I do have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, and I am not sure if this is a CC download or if I had installed in previously.


      I do not want to de-install it unless I absoutely have to [because the old secondary computer will still be in use, although not with my CC account].


      I tried looking at my online CC account, for a list of which CC programs I have on each computer.


      I cannot find that information in my CC account.


      Please tell me how I can install CC on my new secondary computer - without de-installing from my primary computer - and how I can be positive I have completely de-installed CC from my old secondary computer.