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    Get pdf version of a web form-reponse to include only the fields/items activated in the padding...


      I cannot get the pdf version of a particular web form-respons to include only the fields/items, which have actually been selected during the completion of the form


      I have made a web form, where only certain fields/items will appear; depending on which selections is made during the start of the reponse - fine.


      The problem occurs when I want to save a pdf version of the response. As for now, I am not able to save a version, where only the filled fields/items is visible and as a result of this; the pdf version is allways 21 pages long - not very userfriendly


      - This pdf file I need in order to send out a visual and transparent presentation of the response.





      Note: Please try to be as specific as possible - I am no expert!


      In advance - Thank you!!!