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        Thank you


        I used live chat on the same day, the issue still hasn't been dealt with, as a new customer I feel very uncomfortable about this.


        I was on live chat for almost a whole hour, discussed with two different people, I was told that I would be emailed regarding the matter being escalated.


        Adobe have charged my credit card for a completely different customer, what is quite strange about this is that my first credit card payment for my own subscribtion was for 23rd Feb which showed up as normal to me.


        Then around a month later the charge to my credit card shows with a date of 23rd which has been to some other customer subscription.


        While discussing on live chat there are long delays, standard replies of 2-3 minutes to wait which are always longer, the person leaves you waiting until you ask if they are still there, I suspect that they are probably dealing with multiple people at the same time.


        So far no one has got back to me on this matter.


        Also the feature to email the chat transcript to myself is not working, fortunately I copy n pasted it all before closing.


        What is being done to prevent this from happening in the future, from googling I see that people are being billed twice quite often.


        The email address of the account incorrectly associated with my credir card was provided to me.


        This makes me think that something is seriously wrong with how adobe has things set up or that fraudulant activity is happening somewhere.

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          We apologise for this experience.


          Please PM the Adobe ID and order no#. To send the PM click on the my pic. and you will get the option to send a private message.