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    How to set the DVD Folder Path?

      Hello, had a quick question regarding the folder path variable when accessing DVD video files. When authoring, Director seems to automatically add a hardcoded file Name to the cast member properties, as well as a folder path to the DVD member properties.

      So I am wondering how to handle this - obviously during authoring the director DIR/projector is on the hard drive while the video_ts is on the DVD disc. When deployed, everything will be on the DVD of course.

      During my first test, the projector was authored with the DIR on the hard drive while the DVD was in the D: drive. When I swapped the DVD to my other optical drive ( E: ) and restarted the projector, it complained it could not find the video_ts folder. And on a Mac it looked for a /Volumes/ path which I could not even manually point the projector to.

      So should I copy the video_TS to the hard drive so the relative path between the projector and video_TS folder always stays the same? Or does Director ignore the filepath at runtime and always search the DVD drives on the host machine for a video_ts folder,regardless of where it was during authoring? The documetnation is a bit unclear on that part..and of course my goal is that the projector find the video_ts folder on the DVD disc, regardless of what drive letter/volume name it is on.

      BTW, this approach - http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_19277 , does not seem to work