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    InDesign CS6 crashes on "unlock all layers" (only with converted files)

    AnkeAS Level 1



      As we are upgrading from CS3 to CS6 (finally), we have a lot of documents, which need to be converted for CS6. One of the steps in this process is unlock all layers and objects via the layer palette options.

      We are using Adobe InDesign CS6


      The problem:

      Whenever I open a CS3 document in CS6 (it gets automatically converted, of course), the option "unlock all" is activated. If there really is a locked object (or I lock one myself), everything works just fine and afterwards the option is disabled as it should be.

      But we have a lot of pages without any locked objects... yet the option is still available. And once I click it, InDesign crashes without warning.

      Exporting the file as IDML doesn't work. The option is still available, even if it shouldn't be.

      For some reason this only happens with "old" documents. All new  CS6 documents don't show this bug.


      Quick solution:

      Intead of "unlock all" I am using the equivalent option of the object menu ("Alles auf Druckbogen entsperren" in german. I don't know the english term, sorry!). This is only activated, once there really are locked objects.


      I wanted to ask, if this is a known bug and if anybody else has the same problem?


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