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    How can I make the stroke the same as the fill in Illustrator?


      In Illustrator I converted a photograph to outlines, which creates hundreds of shapes filled with various colors. However, the stroke on the objects is blue. I want to change the color of the stroke to the same color as the fill.


      On the Illustrator forum I was shown this script.


      if (app.documents.length && app.selection.length)


           for (var a=0; a<app.selection.length; a++)


                try {

                     app.selection[a].strokeColor = app.selection[a].fillColor;

                } catch (e)


                     // ignoring all possible errors ...






      When I try to run the script in Illustrator I get this error:


      TypeError: app.documents is undefined


      How do I correct this error?




      - Thom