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    Call Method In Root From Movie Clip

      Hello All,

      In AS 2, I was able to call a method declared in the root timeline from a moviclip by placing code similar to "_root.callMethod()". I'm trying to do the same in AS 3 but I get an error "1119: Access of possibly undefined property st through a reference with static type flash.display:DisplayObject."

      On the first frame of my main timeline, I have:
      var st:String = "HELLO";

      I also have a movieclip on the main timeline that has the following on its 1st frame:
      trace ("ST FROM ROOT FROM CLIP -- " + root.st);

      When runned, I get the error above.

      How do I get access to variables declared in other clips and main timeline as well as calling methods declared in other MC and main timeline?

      Thanks for your help in advanced.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you must cast that display object as a dynamic class - for example, a movieclip:

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            vDiaz761 Level 1
            Thanks for the response. Is this the best approach? Are there other solutions? Depending on which frame its on, the result is null. On my main timeline I have:

            var st:String = "HELLO";
            trace ("FROM ROOT IN CLIP -- " + sq.st02);

            I also have a MC called sq and on its (sq) timeline I have the following on the first frame:

            var st02:String = "st02 Declared in clip CLIP";
            trace ("FROM CLIP IN ROOT -- " + MovieClip(root).st);

            This is the output:
            FROM ROOT IN CLIP -- null
            FROM CLIP IN ROOT -- HELLO

            If I move the Actionscript keyframe on main timeline from frame 1 to 2 the output is:

            FROM CLIP IN ROOT -- null
            FROM ROOT IN CLIP -- st02 Declared in clip CLIP

            Does AS3 have a new (and better) means of communicating between MCs and the main timeline?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              no, that issue would occur in as2, too. the code in frame 1 of the root timeline executes before the code in the first frame of sq. so, you're trying to access sq.st02 (from the root timeline) before it exists.

              there are a few ways to handle that but as3 has a specific event (RENDER) that should allow you to delay execution of that trace() function until sq has been instantiated and its code in frame 1 executed.