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    Retrieve Legend Label Property

      Okay, I'm a flex newbie...this is my 3rd post to this forum for support (regarding other snafus since resolved) with no luck...hopefully I can garner some expertise here.

      I'm simply trying to retrieve the label property from a chart legend?

      In this app. I'm using a list box of items to dynamically generate a unique line series for each item upon user click.

      The problem: if a user selects the same item from the list multiple times the lineseries continues to be added to the chart and legend. I need to disable a user to do this. So, I figured I would grab all the legend labels and put into array. Then when a user clicks the list box a function is fired to compare the list item string with the legend label string to see if the item series has already been added to the chart. I just can't seem to retrieve the legend label property.

      Here's a tidbit of code that doesn't seem to return anything.

      var checkArray:Array = new Array();

      Any ideas here are greatly appreciated. Thanks!