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    METT/SETT program

      I purchased the METT/SETT program from the Paul Ekman Group. This product was encoded with Macromedia with Director.

      I was unable to open the presentation on the CD. When I would click on the .exe file or attempt to "Autoplay" the file, the screen would go gray (The background of the presentation is gray) and then shut down without giving any form of error message. I was informed that this problem was likely due to the copy protection on the CD shutting down my presentation.

      I use a Windows XP for Home operating system.

      Is there any way for me to start the program? I don't want to get around the copy protection to copy the files, I just need to get around it to play the CD and get what I paid for.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          This question would be better directed toward the folks that made the CD
          (or the people you purchased it from) since no one apart from those who
          worked on it will know how the copy protection scheme worked.

          That said, if this is an old program, perhaps made with an old version
          of Director from before Windows XP existed (and thus not compatible with
          XP), sometimes you can avoid trouble by running the program in
          compatibility mode. Right click the exe icon and choose Properties. Go
          to the Compatibility tab and check the box for "Run this program in
          compatibility mode for:". Try any or all of the options in the dropdown

          You can also toy with the other settings on this screen, like colors or
          screen resolution.

          Sometimes that helps. Sometimes it doesn't.

          Good luck!