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    Alternate layout Script

      1. I am looking for some help Alternate layout Script that:
      2. Uses Peserves Exsisting Liquid layout Rule
      3. Page size for iPad Vertical 1024 x 768
      4. Changes the pages margins to Top 44px, Bottom 44px, Left 36px, and Right112px
      5. Groups all objects on the page
      6. Aligns them to the top and left margins



      I have gotten this far. I cannot figure out how to just create the alternate layout with my content duplicated in the same document.


      myDocument = app.documents.add();



      with (myDocument.pages.item(0).marginPreferences){

          columnCount = 1;

          top = "44px"

          right = "112px"

          left = "36px"

          bottom = "44px"


      var myDocument = app.documents.add(); with(myDocument.documentPreferences){


          pageHeight = "1024px";

          pageWidth = "768px";

          pagesPerDocument = 1;




      I think this would be useful for many other users. Any guidance and help would be appreciated.